May 21, 2024

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He Filmed Me Getting Smashed – Season 2 : Episode 4

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He Filmed Me Getting Smashed - S2:E4

Zlata Shine is decked out in some sexy white lingerie that hugs her T&A as Vince Karter leads her to the bedroom. He has a surprise for Zlata, which turns out to be a camera aimed at the bed. Zlata likes what she sees and realizes that she wants to get smashed on film. Vince is more than happy to oblige.Beginning with a vibrator, Vince pulls Zlata’s thong aside and gives it to her. He shoves Zlata’s head down to suck his cock, face fucking her nice and deep. When Zlata gets on her hands and knees, Vince dicks her down in doggy while spanking her and then shoving his fingers into her mouth in the same rhythm, muffling her mewls.They keep it up, with Zlata on her back and getting both the D and the vibrator. That double trouble leaves her gasping for breath as Vince fucks her in spooning. When Zlata has the chance to ride her boyfriend in cowgirl, she goes for it fast and furious until her whole body is shuddering. They finish with a titty fuck before Vince pops into Zlata’s mouth, completing her on-camera pussy pounding.

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