May 21, 2024

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I Need You To Fill Me Up – Season 44 : Episode 25

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Maria Kazi

Maria Kazi

I Need You To Fill Me Up

Season 44 : Episode 25

Maria Kazi and Codey Steele are hanging out on the couch together. Maria uses her phone to pull up some porn while Codey watches TV. She sneaks quick peeks back at Codey as her passion ignites. Too bad for her that Codey is totally distracted by the TV.

Glancing over her shoulder, she tells Codey that she’s been thinking about having him breeding her lately. Codey mumbles that that’s great. As Maria tries to double down on how wet and ready she is, Codey continues to ignore her and give perfunctory responses. 

When he finally gets with the picture, Codey is as surprised as can be by Maria’s wants. Popping Codey’s hardon out, Maria tells him to relax.

She’ll take care of him. She starts him off with a blowjob that thoroughly puts all of Codey’s attention right on her. When he becomes a more active participant, it’s with Maria on top of him continuing to suck him off as he eats her out from below in a 69.

Maria finally gets the pussy pounding she’s been craving as she gets on her knees for Codey to give it to her in doggy. He doesn’t hold back, taking her nice and hard. Flipping Maria onto her back, he dives deep once again into her pussy as it is supported by the couch arm. When Maria takes control of their passion, she climbs into Codey’s lap and slides down onto his fuck stick

She rides nice and slow, then leans back to bounce faster. As she keeps up her sinuous movements, Codey finally loses control and nuts inside her, giving her the creampie she’s been craving and hopefully breeding her.

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